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Looking Beyond Trump & Clinton: Who’s Voting for the Underdogs?

In three days, the world will witness the series finale no one wanted.

As all good things come to an end, so will American democracy after 228 years, when the people will elect their new president - either Shimmy Kimmel or Donald Duck Trump.


(Photo: berezzagames.com)
(Photo: berezzagames.com)

There have been enough celebrities and politicians who have made their cases for Clinton and Trump listing why each is the lesser of the two evils. And the next American Commander-in-Chief will be either of the two.

However, there are still people crying themselves hoarse for third party candidates, the way Arvind Kejriwal campaigned for himself to become the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Who are These Third Party Candidates?

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Why Are People Campaigning for Them?

The Democrats and Republicans are the two major parties and the president is always elected from either of them.

Then why are their people still casting their votes in favour of those who will not win and as a consequence of their vote, they might tip the scale in favour of the ‘eviler’ option of the two?

The answer is simple. They see both the sides the way Donald sees Hillary - crooked or as a “nasty woman.”

For them it’s a choice between a politician they don’t like and a businessman they loathe. Electing a third party is seen in some ways as trying to break the bi-partisan nature of politics.

In states where the third party votes trail close behind the national party vote, it is a way for the winning candidate and party to take cognisance of what the people who didn’t vote for them want.

Who Are the People Campaigning for Them?

Susan Sarandon - Democrat

(Photo: Twitter @SusanSarandon)
(Photo: Twitter @SusanSarandon)

Academy Award-winning actor Susan Sarandon has openly come out in support of Jill Stein. She said she “won’t vote with her vagina” and elect Hillary Clinton.

She said she feels it’s important for the third-party candidates to get the minimum 5 percent vote share.

The Bernie Sanders supporter has also said she wants to see the “right woman” in the White House as president.

Viggo Mortensen - Democrat

The Lord of the Rings actor was a Bernie Sanders supporter who is now backing Jill Stein.

(Photo: Wikipedia/Georges Biard)
(Photo: Wikipedia/Georges Biard)
I trust Hillary about as much as I trust Donald Trump. I think she’s dishonest, I don’t think she has the interests of working people at heart, and I think she’s shown that time and again. All the things that Bernie Sanders said about her I agree with.

Cornel West - Democratic Socialist

(Photo: cornelwest.com)
(Photo: cornelwest.com)

The American social activist and academic is a prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America. In 2008, he was supporting Obama’s bid for presidency.

He has called the election between the Republicans and Democrats at this point “a choice between a neo-fascist and a neo-liberal”.

West was a Sanders supporter who is now backing Stein to run the Oval Office.

Drew Carrey - Libertarian

(Photo: Twitter @DrewFromTV )
(Photo: Twitter @DrewFromTV )

The funny-man from American television has been a Libertarian but in the past had aligned with the Republican camp when he supported Ron Paul’s 2008 presidency.

He is now supporting Gary Johnson about whom he has said: “Johnson is a pragmatic problem solver, who doesn’t want your money to be wasted or your children put at risk in a needless war.”

Melissa Joan Hart - Republican

(Photo: Twitter @MelissaJoanHart )
(Photo: Twitter @MelissaJoanHart )

The Teenage Witch starlet supported Mitt Romney during his race to the White House in 2012.

However, now she has sided with Johnson calling him a “libertarian who is socially liberal but fiscally conservative.”

Her reason to elect a third-party candidate is to see a much-needed break from the two-party system.

Mitt Romney - Republican

(Photo: Twitter @MittRomney)
(Photo: Twitter @MittRomney)

The Republican who ran for office in 2012 has already cast his vote in early voting and though it is has not been revealed whom he has voted for, scales tip toward a vote for Gary Johnson.

Sen. Jeff Flake - Republican

(Photo: @JeffFlake)
(Photo: @JeffFlake)

The Senator from Arizona is tipping in his vote toward Republican turned Independent candidate Evan McMullin.

He said that he never supported Trump largely due to his plans of securing the southern border and the curbing of Islamic immigration.

He also sides with Clinton over Trump on some key policy issues facing America.

Evan Siegfried - GoP Strategist

(Photo: Twitter @evansiegfried)
(Photo: Twitter @evansiegfried)

Siegfried who is a strategist of the Republican party and has gotten his commentary published in papers like The Washington Post has called McMullin the “only candidate putting forth a better vision for America.”