A parody meme on Trump’s executive orders on abortion. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook)
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Meet the Group Behind a Parody Meme That Bans Male Ejaculation

This week, US President Donald Trump, accompanied by a bunch of smiling white men, reinstated the “Global Gag Rule” that bans US-funded groups around the world from discussing abortion.

The photo of Trump (and the other white men behind him) taking a decision about women’s bodies drew all kind of responses.

A French feminist group, 52, created a spoof on the same. It envisions Hillary Clinton, accompanied by smiling white women, signing an executive order on banning male ejaculation for non-procreative purposes.

Sophie, a member of the group, told BuzzFeed News that “it’s a joke to ridicule something that boggles the mind: For centuries, it’s been men who dictate women’s bodies.”

“Women are told what they should wear, what salary they’re entitled to… Trump has only just become president, and the first thing he does is take a step backward by signing this piece of legislation,” she told the publication.

She further said that the idea came from a couple of comments online.

“On social media, some people pointed out the fact that one would ever see a photograph depicting a group composed exclusively of women signing legislature over what men are allowed to do with their genitalia. That was our starting point. We thought, Hey, why don’t we make such a picture?”

“The media often speak – with good reason – of rapes, of inequality, of extra work hours that women do… We, on the other hand, felt we wanted more empowerment. We want to take actions which help women become aware of their strength, and of the power it gives them,” she said.

Source: BuzzFeed News