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Twitter Responds to The Quint’s ‘Bengaluru Shame’ Contributor Post

A blog by an independent author published on The Quint on Wednesday on the issue of the mass molestation of women in Bengaluru on New Year's Eve has captured a lot of our readers' attention, and, one may say, rightfully so. A discerning reader has every right to offer a counter-view to every opinion that has been carried.

And that is also what The Quint as a media organisation stands for. The article that was written by Sonnal Pardiwala offered a viewpoint that many find provocative. While The Quint does not endorse this point of view, it aims to offer a free platform for every kind of debate, and every shade of opinion.

Many of you hauled us over the coals – we are actually grateful to you for having done that. Here are some of the reactions that we received on Twitter.

We have dutifully found it important to carry forth the essence of your opinions as well here, here and here.

We have also published a selection of the criticism the blog elicited from different sections of the media here.

Some might be of the opinion that one has to draw the line somewhere even on an open platform; we at The Quint believe in liberal journalism. Do join us in that campaign, now and forever.

Let's always have intelligent, no holds barred, confrontational dialogues between opposite ends of the spectrum, in hopes of enlightening each other and finding common ground. That's the only way all of us will grow and evolve.