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The Quint’s Response to Outrage Over ‘Bengaluru Shame’ Blog

A blog by an independent author was published on The Quint on Wednesday on the issue of the mass molestation of women in Bengaluru on New Year's Eve. The article went with the disclaimer:

The Quint wishes to reiterate that our own editorial stand is at complete variance with the views in this blog, we also believe that we have a duty of care towards a full body of readers, some among whom may have very different points of view than ours. Since The Quint is an open, liberal platform, which believes in healthy debate among a rainbow of opinions (which saves us from becoming an echo chamber that is the exact opposite of an open, liberal platform), we do allow individual bloggers to publish their pieces. We would be happy to publish your criticism or opposition to any piece that is published on The Quint. Even if we do not agree with a contributor’s view, we cannot not defend her right to express it.

The article, over the course of the day, captured a lot of our readers' attention, and, one may say, rightfully so. A discerning reader has every right to offer a counter-opinion to every opinion that has been written.

And that is also what The Quint as a media organisation stands for. The article that was written by Sonnal Pardiwala offered a viewpoint that many find provocative. While The Quint does not endorse this point of view, it aims to offer a free platform for every kind of debate, and every shade of opinion.

An informed critique on Pardiwala's view offered by The Indian Express said:

You say you do not justify molestation and claim that it’s “fashionable to blame men and their mindsets”. Yet, you choose to ignore that molestation takes place because many men carry thinly veiled misogyny in their minds. By that logic, do you not blame the guys who felt entitled to take advantage of crowds to grope you? Are you saying that being in a crowd or a mob means the individual’s actions are not his own doing, and thus absolved? There is no mindset problem apparent in attempting to “act smart”?

Another take on Pardiwala’s article was provided by Scoopwhoop was this:

News portal The Quint too put up an article which goes with the headline, Bengaluru Shame: You Can Choose to Be Safe, So Don’t Blame the Mob. However, its contents have left everyone shocked with its skewed reasoning. Apart from being clumsily written, the arguments put out in the article are absurd. Like, Why Were They Out On the Streets?

While yet another observation by Blush said:

The website has been rather quick to let the world know that letting someone publish on their blog doesn’t mean they support their view, but that they’re only presenting a rainbow of opinions (their words, not ours. Quoting is not endorsement).

Many of you hauled us over the coals – we are actually grateful to you for having done that. In fact, we have dutifully found it important to carry forth the essence of your opinions as well here, here and here. Driven by the desire to offer a platform for far ends of an opinion, we have also published a section of your comments here.

Some might be of the opinion that one has to draw the line somewhere even on an open platform; we at The Quint believe in liberal journalism. Do join us in that campaign, now and forever. Let's always have intelligent, no holds barred, confrontational dialogues between opposite ends of the spectrum, in hopes of enlightening each other and finding common ground. That's the only way all of us will grow and evolve.