Dear India, Can You Ever Watch a Cricket Match With Pakistan?

Please answer these questions, India.

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Here are a few questions. 

Dear India,

I am an 18-year-old walking down the lanes of a democratic, socialist, secular and a republic nation. I wish to find answers of certain questions. I am sure, or rather I hope, you will not mind answering them or brand me as a nationalist or anti-nationalist.

Question 1: Can Pakistan and you ever sit together and watch a cricket match while sharing the same pizza box?

Question 2: Can you please accompany me to the border and we can together plant flowers than putting up fences?

Question3: Can you tell me the nationality of people who do not get  a square meal a day or rather look for food in the dustbin of the elites?

Question 4: Will you raise questions on why our Constitution even after 69 years is still living in the chambers of partial implementation?

Question 5: Can you hold my hand and we shall together create a human chain to protect the dying spirit of this land?

Lots of Hope,

Dear India, Can You Ever Watch a Cricket Match With Pakistan?
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