QWrap: DUSU Abuses Quint Journos, Bihar Poll Gimmicks, and More

QWrap: DUSU Abuses Quint Journos, Bihar Poll Gimmicks, and More


1. DUSU Abuses The Quint’s Journalists, Calls #MakeOutInIndia Immoral

On a Wednesday afternoon, two of us journalists with The Quint proceeded to Delhi University’s North Campus for a story on the ambiguity of sexual consent, and how sometimes ‘yes’ doesn’t mean yes. What we didn’t know was that it would land us up in a police thana.

2. Bihar Mobile 2015: From Gimmickry to Playing the Caste Card at Bihar Polls

BJP’s campaign in Bihar did not end with its Lok Sabha sweep in 2014. Despite securing 22 of the 40 seats in the state, the party’s election machinery has continued to function without a break.

3. Air Force Day: How I Discovered My Dad Was a Half-Sabre Slayer

“Papa, how come you never shot down a Pakistani plane?”

I actually did shoot down half a Sabre”, said my Dad cryptically, not even bothering to look at me from over his morning paper.


“Yup, in ’65. 20th of September, exactly.”

4. Beef Ban Politics: How Many Cows Are Smuggled to Bangladesh?

The symbol of the ‘sacred cow’ is central to the shrill politics of beef consumption, but ever wondered how many cows are smuggled from India every year for slaughter?

The answer to that question is – lakhs.

5. Soft Hindutva: For Congress, the Cows Have Come Home to Roost

The cows have come home to roost. Excuse me for twisting Geoffrey Chaucer’s original allusion to “chickens” in The Parson’s Tale penned in 1390. The languorous cow has come to cause some uneasiness in the Congress camp as the beef controversy is taking a communal undertone on the eve of the crucial Bihar elections.

6. Has ‘Talvar’ Altered Public Perception? Audiences Speak

Since 2008, every time the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder has made news, it has caught the nation’s attention. Naturally, the film, Talvar has evoked strong reactions from audiences too.

7. Orient and Mediterranean Rule Day 1 of Amazon India Fashion Week

Mashru, a fabric with the brilliance of silk and the simplicity of cotton, has deep Ottoman and Mughal influences. The fabric, whose production vastly declined after the 1940s, made a special appearance on the opening show of the Amazon India Fashion Week – by Raw Mango’s Sanjay Garg.

8. Moto X Style Launched

Motorola has refreshed its Android smartphones with better cameras and other improvements as it seeks to lure customers who want lower-cost alternatives. We’re going to get our hands on the Moto X Style soon. Watch this space.

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