QRant: Mr Kalyan Singh, Don’t Mess With the National Anthem

QRant: Mr Kalyan Singh, Don’t Mess With the National Anthem


Kalyan Singh should join Bigg Boss or become an MTV roadie. Far better platforms for attention seekers and those with latent anger!

The two-time chief minister of UP and now governor of Rajasthan thinks that the national anthem isn’t Indian. Isn’t national enough.

Apparantly,  Kalyan Kaka has a problem with the word ‘Adhinayak’ in the first stanza because he thinks it refers to the British monarchy.

He believes Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore got it wrong.

Well, it doesn’t. In Stanza 1 Adhinayak and Vidhataa are references to divinity not monarchy, Kalyan Singh ji. Tagore himself has clarified this.

But the point isn’t just that. For 65 years Jana Gana Mana has been our anthem. It is a beautiful and inspiring hymn, something Indians are proud of.

In trying to make headlines and remain politically relevant Kalyan Singh has bitten off more than he can chew. Attacking Tagore’s patriotism is bad enough, but to attack the national anthem... Why?

There are easier ways to make a noise Kalyan Kaku. Retweet Lalit Modi or just comment on Vasundhara Raje.

But leave the National Anthem alone. It’s out of your league.

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