Watch: Magnificent Cake Art at London’s ‘Cake and Bake Show’

Watch: Magnificent Cake Art at London’s ‘Cake and Bake Show’

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Video Editor: Abhishek Sharma

African elephants, Egyptian gods, the Big Ben clock tower – cakes have surely never been this innovative.

Cake lovers from across the world assembled in London's annual 'Cake and Bake Show' based on the theme – 'Around the World in Eighty Cakes'.

“You can see that the effort that’s gone into them is immense. I love the fondant toppings, the way that they’ve been moulded, particularly.”
Amanda Davies, Visitor

The six-foot (approximately 1.8 metre) tall creation is the work of UK-based, self-described "cake diva" Rosie Dummer.

To prove it's the real deal, Dummer invited one of the event's presenters, British actress Jane Asher, to cut herself a slice.

The cake stood tall, despite a large chunk having been carved from its side.

“People are loving the idea of making a statement with cake, getting a little bit of wow factor, being the centre of the party.”
Rosie Dummer, Cake artist

Actor Jane Asher was also present at the event.

The competition attracted several contestants who made exquisite cakes.

While cake artists cherished their creative endeavours, visitors stood in awe, busy snapping pictures, and getting some inspiration, perhaps for future creations.

“I think what’s happening nowadays is people have got the option to be far more creative than ever were with baking.”
Liz Passman, Visitor

Are you ready to try your hand at cake art?

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