Video of Monkey Cleaning Lice From UP Cop’s Hair Goes Viral

Video of Monkey Cleaning Lice From UP Cop’s Hair Goes Viral

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Video Producer: Shohini Bose

Video Editor: Mohd. Irshad Alam

A video of a monkey sitting on the shoulder of SHO Shrikant Dwivedi in UP's Pilibhit police station and cleaning lice from his hair has gone viral. The video was posted by Uttar Pradesh’s additional police superintendent Rahul Shrivastav on his Twitter handle.

Unruffled by the monkey on his shoulder, the SHO continued with his official work and calmly requested the money to get off his shoulder.

Speaking to ANI, Dwivedi said that he did not move because the monkey would have attacked him.

“The monkey came to the police station in the afternoon, all of a sudden. It first caught the foot of a woman constable and bit her when she screamed and ran. Then it hopped on to my desk. I was working, had I moved, it would have attacked me,” he said, according to ANI.

The 53-minute long video that was posted last evening on Twitter has already gathered 13.6 lakh views and has been retweeted at least 309 times. Tweeple even lauded the monkey’s courage of climbing on a police officer’s shoulder.

(With inputs from ANI.)

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