Unhappy With Shiv Sena Candidate But Will Vote NDA: Deoli Farmers

Unhappy With Shiv Sena Candidate But Will Vote NDA: Deoli Farmers

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The Quint’s elections coverage reached Wardha’s Deoli-Pulgaon Assembly constituency. The constituency has been a Congress stronghold with the party’s candidate Ranjit Kamble winning this seat in 4 consecutive elections.

A substantial chunk of voters in this constituency are from farming background. The Quint caught up with a few farmers to know their views on the current government and gauge their mood on the upcoming Assembly elections.

“Officials often make excuses in front of innocent farmers. We are not provided our dues.”
Praveen, Farmer

Some farmers said that although they are unhappy about farm loans not being waived, they will still vote for the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance.

“I had taken a loan of Rs 3 lakh. But my loan hasn’t been waived off yet. The interest and hence the total loan amount is increasing.”
Shivprasad Tiwari, Farmer

The NDA candidate from the constituency is Shiv Sena’s Sameer Deshmukh. However, a few voters said that they would have preferred a BJP candidate.

“Farmers are unhappy with the Shiv Sena candidate. They don’t feel connected with him. He is an outsider. People are not pleased that an outsider has been given the ticket. A BJP candidate should have been fielded from here.”
Ramdas Rohankar, Farmer

But despite being unhappy with the Shiv Sena candidate, a lot of the farmers were of the view that they would like the Fadnavis government to get another term. Maharashtra goes to polls on 21 October and the results will be declared on 24 October.

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