What Do the Students of West Bengal Think of 10% Reservation?

What Do the Students of West Bengal Think of 10% Reservation?

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As the 10 percent quota Bill sparks a nationwide debate, The Quint’s Chaupal visited West Bengal’s Burdwan area to interact with the youth and find out whether they believe the proposed reservation will serve genuine beneficiaries.

The 10 percent quota Bill, which was passed in the Parliament, intends to provide reservation for the economically weaker sections among upper castes.

The Quint spoke to students to gauge their thoughts on the decision.

“This is not a good development. It is a farce. No one is getting any benefit. It is not benefiting those that reservations are meant for.”
Bapi Bouri, student
“The eligibility criteria, especially, are so exaggerated. 8 lakh per annum! These people are by no means economically backward. That’s a huge scam. In terms of long-term perspective. it will create mediocrity in the economy because reservation based on economic status would be a compromise on quality and that’s devastating for the state.”
Arindam, student

When asked if the students think there are enough jobs for them in the market, most disagreed.

“No. I don’t think so. There are no jobs! How will chances increase?”
Bapi, Student
“How will chances of getting a job increase? We had 50% earlier and that 50% is still there. Nothing extra has been given to us. There are no new jobs created.”
Kuntal, Student
“Look the lollipop was always there in our pockets. He is just taking it out of your pocket and saying, ‘Here, I’m giving you a lollipop!’”
Joydeep Ghosh, student

When asked if this is BJP’s trump card in the 2019 general elections, one of the students said:

“It depends. If I’m a general category student and I get a job through reservations then I’ll definitely vote for them. On the other hand if I’m a reserved category student and I feel like this is going against my interests then I will not vote for them.”
Santu, Law Student

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