Vipin, a youth from Agra is suffering from a debilitating blood disorder that requires expensive treatment. The boy’s father is a poor labourer. (Photo: ANI Screengrab)
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Father of Ailing Son Asks PM, Prez for Help or Permit Euthanasia

Vipin, a young man from Agra, Uttar Pradesh who has been suffering from Aplastic Anaemia, is slowly losing all hopes of recovery, as his family is no longer able to afford the expensive treatment.

As a last resort, Vipin's father wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and the President of India, asking for monetary or medical help, or permission to allow the family to euthanise the suffering man.

“Please get my son treated, or give permission for ‘iccha mrityu’ (euthanasia) if treatment is not possible. We cannot afford to spend more on his expensive treatment,” Vipin’s father wrote, according to The Indian Express.

In 2011, the Supreme Court legalised euthanasia for patients in a vegetative state. For those suffering from terminal illnesses, however the law remains unclear.

The Modi-led government had come up with a draft bill and invited people to express their opinions on the matter.

(With inputs from The Indian Express)

Video Editor: Ashutosh Bharadwaj