It’s time everyone emails to one and another in India. (Photo: iStock)
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Now You Can Write Emails in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu & Tamil 

An India-based company is letting users in the country write mails in more than one language. A company has launched the world's first free "linguistic email service" in eight Indian languages, under the name DataMail.

In addition to writing mails in vernacular languages, DataMail will also offer email addresses in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi.

The linguistic email service will allow people from across the country to communicate in eight regional languages and in English language to provide ease of connect and bridge the digital divide among Indians
Ajay Data, founder and CEO of Data XGen Technologies Pvt Ltd

He described the initiative as "reaching the sizeable population, which lies outside the ambit of the digital connect" and transforming digitisation to the non-English-speaking Indian population under 'Make In India' and 'Digital India' mission.

Gradually, the email service will be available in 22 Indian languages, which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS mobile devices under the name 'DataMail', he added.

Citing an IAMAI report, Ajay said 89% of Indian population is a non-English-speaking segment and Indian languages account for less than 0.1% content on the worldwide web.

They are unable to read and communicate via email as the language utilised to communicate (in email) is English on the worldwide web. This linguistic email service will enable people across India to communicate in eight regional languages, providing ease of connect and bridging the digital divide
Ajay Data, founder and CEO of Data XGen Technologies Pvt Ltd

The Indian population has become digitally-equipped with Internet connectivity, but the issue of language is extremely critical for achieving greater digital and mobile connectivity.

According to 'DataMail' analysis based on secondary data for this year, the most spoken languages are: Hindi (544.39 million), Bengali (107.60), Telugu (95.40), Marathi (92.74), Tamil (78.41), Urdu (66.47), Gujarati (59.44), Kannada (48.96), Punjabi (37.55) and Assamese (16.98).

The total population using these languages is around 1,147.95 million, which account for almost 89% of the Indian population.