Twitter Faces Global Outage, Including in India
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Twitter Faces Global Outage, Including in India

Social media platform Twitter on Wednesday, 21 August, faced outage in most parts of the world including in India, where it was down for about an hour, according to the website tracking portal DownDetector.

Several Twitter users complained about the platform not working at around 8 pm on Wednesday.

Down Detector, which monitors service outage of various platform, recorded more than 2,700 complaints about the outage in India.

While some users were unable to see and share tweets on both mobile and web, others received the message: "Cannot retrieve tweets at this time. Please try again later," IANS reported.

Some of the Twitter users were able to tweet but could not view tweets and messages.

Twitter had crashed on all platforms: Android, iOS and web.

Responding to an e-mail query from news agency PTI, a Twitter spokesperson said:

“Some people in India briefly experienced issues accessing Twitter due to a network issue impacting Android. We have resolved the problem and the service is running again.”

Twitter is estimated to have around 3.4 crore users in the country.

(With inputs from PTI and IANS)

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