World Test Championship: Playing Conditions and The Updated Rules

A look at all the changes in rules that will apply once the World Test Championship gets underway on 1 August.

Published01 Aug 2019, 10:34 AM IST
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Captains of cricket teams will no longer run the risk of being suspended for slow over-rates after the ICC decided to instead dock points and fine the entire side for any such violations, starting with the all-new World Test Championship which runs from 2019 to 2021 and gets underway with the Ashes, starting August 1.

Here’s a look at the official rules that will govern the newest innovation to the longest format of the game.

1. Competition Format & Points (16.9 – 16.13)

  • 9 teams, each playing 6 series - 3 Home, 3 Away.
  • Series can be between 2 Tests (minimum) and 5 Tests (maximum)
  • 120 points available for each series, spread evenly across the matches in the series
World Test Championship: Playing Conditions and The Updated Rules
  • If teams finish level on points at the end of the Round Stage, they will be separated on:
    – Series Wins, and if still level;
    – Runs per Wicket Ratio (Runs scored per wicket lost, divided by, runs conceded per wicket taken).
  • If a match is abandoned due to an Unfit pitch or Outfield, the Win points will be awarded to the visiting team.

2. Over Rate Calculation (12.9)

  • Over Rate is calculated across both bowling innings in the same way as it is calculated today, except for the following exemptions / exclusions;
    – When a side is bowled out in 60 overs or less, and the bowling team has not exceeded the required over rate, that innings will not be included in the bowling team’s match over rate calculation.
    – When a side bowls out the opposition twice, and in doing so does not complete more than 120 overs in total, that team will be exempt from any over rate penalties.
    – When a team doesn’t bowl more than 60 overs in a match, that team will be exempt from any over rate penalties.
  • At the end of the match, the over rate calculation will show how many overs behind or ahead of the minimum number of overs required.
  • For each full over behind the minimum requirement, that team will incur one Penalty Over.

3. Over Rate Penalties (16.11 & Code of Conduct)

  • The captain will no longer be suspended for any over rate offences.
    – Therefore it is no longer necessary for a Board to advise ICC when the Test Team Captain changes.
  • The responsibility for slow over rates will be assigned equally across all members of the playing XI.
    – All players will now be fined the same as the captain – 20% of Match Fee per Penalty Over (capped at 100% of Match Fee).
  • There will be no escalation in penalties for repeat offences or for the number of Penalty Overs accrued.
  • For each Penalty Over, there will be two (2) WTC Competition Points deducted from the team’s total points.

4. Concussion Replacement (1.2.7)

  • Only available if a player sustains a concussion during the match on the field of play.
  • Concussion Replacement request must be made within 36 hours of the incident.
  • Team must nominate a like-for-like-replacement.
  • Replacement must be approved by ICC Match Referee, and the decision is final.
  • Once replaced, concussed player can’t take any further part in that game.

5. DRS (Appendix D)

  • DRS is mandatory in WTC matches.

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