ICC World Cup 2023 Full Schedule

Match No. Fixture Date Time (IST) Venue
1 England (ENG) vs New Zealand (NZ) October 5 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
2 Pakistan (PAK) vs Netherlands (NED) October 6 2:00 PM Hyderabad
3 Bangladesh (BAN) vs Afghanistan (AFG) October 7 10:30 AM Dharamsala
4 South Africa (SA) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 7 2:00 PM Delhi
5 India (IND) vs Australia (AUS) October 8 2:00 PM Chennai
6 New Zealand (NZ) vs Netherlands (NED) October 9 2:00 PM Hyderabad
7 England (ENG) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 10 10:30 AM Dharamsala
8 Pakistan (PAK) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 10 2:00 PM Hyderabad
9 India (IND) vs Afghanistan (AFG) October 11 2:00 PM Delhi
10 Pakistan (PAK) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 12 2:00 PM Hyderabad
11 Australia (AUS) vs South Africa (SA) October 12 2:00 PM Lucknow
12 New Zealand (NZ) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 13 2:00 PM Chennai
13 India (IND) vs Pakistan (PAK) October 14 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
14 England (ENG) vs Afghanistan (AFG) October 15 2:00 PM Delhi
15 Australia (AUS) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 16 2:00 PM Lucknow
16 South Africa (SA) vs Netherlands (NED) October 17 2:00 PM Dharamsala
17 New Zealand (NZ) vs Afghanistan (AFG) October 18 2:00 PM Chennai
18 India (IND) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 19 2:00 PM Pune
19 Australia (AUS) vs Pakistan (PAK) October 20 2:00 PM Bengaluru
20 England (ENG) vs South Africa (SA) October 21 10:30 AM Mumbai
21 Netherlands (NED) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 21 2:00 PM Lucknow
22 India (IND) vs New Zealand (NZ) October 22 2:00 PM Dharamsala
23 Pakistan (PAK) vs Afghanistan (AFG) October 23 2:00 PM Chennai
24 South Africa (SA) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 24 2:00 PM Mumbai
25 Australia (AUS) vs Netherlands (NED) October 25 2:00 PM Delhi
26 England (ENG) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 26 2:00 PM Bengaluru
27 Pakistan (PAK) vs South Africa (SA) October 27 2:00 PM Chennai
28 Netherlands (NED) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 28 10:30 AM Kolkata
29 Australia (AUS) vs New Zealand (NZ) October 28 2:00 PM Dharamsala
30 India (IND) vs England (ENG) October 29 2:00 PM Lucknow
31 Afghanistan (AFG) vs Sri Lanka (SL) October 30 2:00 PM Pune
32 Pakistan (PAK) vs Bangladesh (BAN) October 31 2:00 PM Kolkata
33 New Zealand (NZ) vs South Africa (SA) November 1 2:00 PM Pune
34 India (IND) vs Sri Lanka (SL) November 2 2:00 PM Mumbai
35 Netherlands (NED) vs Afghanistan (AFG) November 3 2:00 PM Lucknow
36 England (ENG) vs Australia (AUS) November 4 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
37 New Zealand (NZ) vs Pakistan (PAK) November 4 10:30 AM Bengaluru
38 India (IND) vs South Africa (SA) November 5 2:00 PM Kolkata
39 Bangladesh (BAN) vs Sri Lanka (SL) November 6 2:00 PM Delhi
40 Australia (AUS) vs Afghanistan (AFG) November 7 2:00 PM Mumbai
41 England (ENG) vs Netherlands (NED) November 8 2:00 PM Pune
42 New Zealand (NZ) vs Sri Lanka (SL) November 9 2:00 PM Bengaluru
43 South Africa (SA) vs Afghanistan (AFG) November 10 2:00 PM Ahmedabad
44 India (IND) vs Netherlands (NED) November 11 2:00 PM Bengaluru
45 Australia (AUS) vs Bangladesh (BAN) November 11 2:00 PM Pune
46 England (ENG) vs Pakistan (PAK) November 12 10:30 AM Kolkata
47 India (IND) v Netherlands November 12 2:00 PM Bengaluru
48 Semifinal 1 (1st Placed Team vs 4th Placed Team) November 15 2:00 PM Mumbai
49 Semifinal 2 (2nd Placed Team vs 3rd Placed Team) November 16 2:00 PM Kolkata
50 Final (Winner of Semifinal 1 vs Winner of Semifinal 2) November 19 2:00 PM Ahmedabad

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule has already been announced. As per the schedule, the Cricket World Cup matches will officially commence from 5 October and end on 19 November. This year, the Men’s ICC World Cup will be hosted by India, and the matches will be held across different venues of the country. In the tournament opener match, finalists of the 2019 edition, England and New Zealand will lock horns at The Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.

The warm-up matches of World Cup will start from 29 September to 3 October in Hyderabad, Guwahati, and Thiruvananthapuram. The most exciting and enthralling India vs Pakistan World Cup match on 14 October will also take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

Besides, the final match on 19 November will also be hosted in the world's largest cricket stadium. The two semi-final matches will be played at the Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium and Kolkata's Eden Gardens on 15 and 16 November respectively as mentioned in the ICC Cricket World Cup Time Table 2023. There is a reserve day for both semi-finale matches of World Cup 2023.

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All 48 matches of the World Cup will be played in India across 10 different venues. India is hosting World Cup for the first time since their marvellous victory in 2011, and fourth time in the history. Team India will begin their campaign on 8 October against Australia in Chennai. Other matches of the Indian team are scheduled for venues like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Dharamsala, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune, and Bengaluru.


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