Has McDonald’s run out of ideas? (Photo: iStock)
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Sambar Smoothies Next? Twitter on McDonald’s ‘Masala Dosa Burger’

We know that McDonald’s likes to localise its menu. So when the Golden Arches came to Indian shores, people were pretty excited about the plethora of options with a desi twist – like the popular McAloo Tikki burger, for instance.

Recently, McDonald’s did away with its not-so-popular ‘Chilly Paneer Pockets’, which was simply an Indianised version of Chinese food.

And now, there’s the all-new McDonald’s ‘Masala Dosa Burger’, which comes to Mumbai this weekend and the rest of the country soon. But Twitter wasn’t impressed.

While one American user asked McDonalds to introduce the masala dosa burger and filter coffee in her country, others made jokes.

On that note, tell us if you would fancy a Masala Dosa Burger with molaga podi sauce.