MS Dhoni (L) and Yuvraj Singh (R). (Photo: Reuters)
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Watch: Yuvraj Singh Quizzes MS Dhoni on His Captaincy Career

MS Dhoni’s decision of stepping down as captain of ODI and T-20 cricket has lead to a lot of speculation in the last three days. However, unfazed by all the buzz going around, Dhoni seems to have thought through the decision.

At least that is what his conversation with teammate Yuvraj Singh, in a recently posted video on one of his Facebook fan pages , show.

Reflecting on his tenure as a captain, Dhoni says he has enjoyed his ten years of captainship and that the journey has been fabulous. In the video, he also gives a hint of continuing for a few more years, setting to rest all speculations on his retirement from the game.

He also compliments Yuvraj by saying that players like him make the Captain’s job easier.

The video also showcases the camaraderie that the two players share. While Yuvraj says Dhoni is the best captain he has played under, Dhoni thanks Yuvraj for hitting six 6s.

Answering a question on what would be his strategy in the game, now that he is no more the captain, Yuvraj asks Dhoni, “Are you gonna hit more sixes now?”

Wondering what Dhoni replied? Watch the video and find out for yourself!