Kissenger. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)
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Kissenger: Making Long Distance Relationships A Little Easier

Imagineering Lab at City University London has found a way to compensate for someone’s physical absence. No, it isn’t teleportation. Not yet at least. It’s a new gadget. A Kiss Messenger, or The Kissenger.

The Kissenger gadget comes with an app that lets you send kisses through the phone.

Think of a video chat, but with a twist. This gadget can be attached to your phone and by using the app, one can avail Kissenger’s services.

Imagine that you’re having a video chat with your daughter when you’re away on a business trip and you can see her, you can hear her but you can’t really reach out to kiss her.
Emma Yann Zhang, Co-creator of The Kissenger 

How it Works

There are pressure sensors in the device that measures the pressure on the user’s lips. With a bi-directional control system, the user can feel the pressure of their partner’s lips on their lips and vice versa. The system tries its best to replicate the exact sensation.

“You can kiss your friends, family, lovers, anywhere in the world,” says Adrian Cheok, Director of the Imagineering Institute, Iskandar Malaysia.

(With inputs from BBC, Mashable)