Rampant harassment is deterring women from stepping out onto the streets. (Photo:The Quint/Susnata Paul)
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Why We Need Feminism: Man Leers at Girl, Girl Asked to Leave

Why loiter, you ask? That’s because there needs to be more women on the streets. More women on the roads to represent the other half of humankind. More outspoken women to shut out patriarchal uncles who make women’s mobility their business.

Social media is rampant with cases of cyber bullying, and cases of physical, emotional and sexual assault; shutting women out of spaces that men dictate women ought not to occupy.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral with over a thousand shares and many thousand views, a girl is accusing a man of leering at her in a drunken state. The man seems oblivious to her discomfort.

To most, this would sound like a ‘blown out of proportion’ instance in which the man is being charged for ‘casually looking’ at a woman. What they will however ignore is the poignant difference between a casual glance and a stare that violates privacy.

When the girl reported the incident to the restaurant authorities, her claims were dismissed and she was asked to leave.

What the managers upheld was the decision to give more power to offender, which by the way, is the norm across the board.

The girl and her family was forced to vacate the restaurant, with much commotion, of course. Watch how ugly the scene became and comment in the section below to voice your thoughts.