Jigar Rajpopat covered Closer on a dhol. (Photo: The Quint)
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Presenting ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers – With a Desi, Dhol Twist

Hate it, love it, love to hate it or hate to love it, you cannot ignore Closer by the Chainsmokers (or stop playing it in your head now that we’ve mentioned it. Don’t lie, we know you’re doing it.)

Now Jigar Rajpopat has come out with his cover of the song that has been executed on a dhol. Yes, you read it correctly, a dhol.

The beats give a desi twist to the song no one saw coming. The video has over 50,000 views since it was posted on Rajpopat’s YouTube channel.

What do you think of the cover – some songs should be left untouched or did Rajpopat make it better?