Urvashi preparing food for her customers. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Sunali)
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Gurugram’s Chole-Kulcha Lady Will Soon Have Her Own Food Truck

Remember the chole-kulcha lady in Gurugram who set up a stall to supplement her family’s income? She has now been granted a licence to set up her own food truck.

The Quint had earlier reported that Urvashi, aka chole-kulche lady, had set up a stall in Gurugram’s Sector 4. Her husband was injured in an accident and was bed-ridden for a while. The hospital bills and medical expenses were eating into her savings and she didn’t want to ask her relatives for financial help.

She braved the judgemental whispers of her family and friends and set up a stall of her own.

I love cooking and wanted to take stock of the situation with my strengths. I stepped out of my AC house and took my family’s financial responsibilities with open arms.  
Urvashi to ScoopWhoop

The heartening piece of news is that Urvashi has now been granted the licence to set up her own food truck!

We wish her all the best in her new endeavour and hope that many more people flock to her stall/truck.

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