Believe it or not, India generates 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every single day. Not all plastic is recyclable.

Only 15,600 tonnes of this waste is recycled, while the rest remains uncollected and is simply left to decompose.

A plastic bag takes a thousand 1000 years to decompose. A plastic bottle, cup and plate takes at least 450 years. We'll leave it to you to calculate the plastic footprint you are leaving behind.

ICYMI, plastic waste is everywhere. But most importantly, it affects our oceans. More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year.

By 2050, we are going to have more plastic waste than fish.

India's plastic problem was brought back to the forefront by PM Narendra Modi who has raised the pitch for 'plastic-free' India, urging citizens to give up single-use plastics.

How much single-use plastic waste do you add to the environment? Take this test to find out.


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Your Total Plastic Footprint

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  • Pet Bottle

  • Plastic Bag

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  • Plastic Cup

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