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Chandan Kumar


Rank: Sepoy
Regiment: 16 Bihar

Chandan Kumar, 24, hailed from the Kora Gyanpura village in the Bhojpur district.
The youngest among eight siblings, he had 3 older brothers and four sisters. He was to get married in April but it got postponed due to the lockdown.

“I have given all my four sons to the army. Chandan was the youngest of the four. I am very sad, but proud. I want the army and the government to avenge his death. It is not just my demand, it is the nation’s demand,” said his father, Hridanand Singh, a farmer.

Kumar's family says that getting enrolled in the Indian Army was Chandan’s only dream and he started to prepare for recruitment soon after clearing his class 12 exams. He had joined the force in 2017. Chandan had interacted with his brothers regarding the prevailing situations but avoided talking to his parents, as their nervousness scared him.

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