Desi Neta's Sexist Crossword:Can you find the Buri Ladki?

The honour of the vote comes before the honour of our daughter/s - at least that's what Sharad Yadav would like us to believe. Meanwhile, Vinay Katiyar still thinks that pretty women can help win him the elections. *slow clap*

But there's more:

Don’t go out with boys at night. Jeans is not a part of our sanskaar. Chowmein is responsible for rape.
Wow! Netas sure seem to know how to identify a 'buri ladki'. Their moral policing makes us question their sanity. Their misogyny frustrates us. Their logic makes us laugh. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a desi neta? How do they come up with these ridiculous things? If you think you understand the workings of their mind, this crossword should be a piece of cake for you!