Sasikala and Jayalalithaa. (Photo Courtesy: The News Minute)
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Sasikala’s Conviction and What Politicos Have to Say About It

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court convicted AIADMK chief VK Sasikala for three-and-a-half years of her remaining sentence. She has also been disqualified for six years from contesting elections after being released from jail.

Responding to the verdict, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who had been speaking openly in support of Sasikala lately, commented on the convict and said:

I was expecting the conviction. I don’t think she can escape the four-year sentence.

Amma's Golden Rule Will Continue: O Panneerselvam

Speaking for the first time after the SC’s verdict in the DA case that has all but ensured the success of his bid for the CM’s office, O Panneerselvam asserted that he will now carry out his duty to the state and the party.

This is the continuation of Amma’s golden rule and it will stay so. Amma always stood for ideals. I am now duty bound to carry forward those ideals. Evident from the good news that Amma’s aatma is with us... Amma’s soul is still alive and protecting our state and the party.

Congress Members Respond to Sasikala’s Conviction

Senior Congress leader and former law minister Ashwani Kumar said:

Sasikala can’t be the CM now because of her conviction. The CM can’t be someone who is convicted on disproportion income case. The impact of this decision will be on AIADMK politics. The primary need is to make the government. I don’t want to comment on this, but the governor can delay it and immediately form a government.

BJP Should Not Interfere in This Matter: Surjewala

Endorsing the decision, Congress member Randeep Surjewala said that the BJP should not interfere or influence the decision of the Tamil Nadu governor.

The decision of the Supreme Court will be respected by one and all. The BJP should stop doing politics. They should call the session of Tamil Nadu Vidhan Sabha and permit the floor test. They should stop influencing the decision of the governor and should stop interfering in this matter.
Randeep Surjewala

Congress member Pawan Khera tweeted his response to the conviction by asking the OPS supporters if they realise that this was not simply a conviction of Sasikala, but also Jayalalithaa.

This is a Welcomable Step... Sasikala is a Criminal: Sasikala Pushpa

Expelled Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa expressed her happiness at the conviction and said:

This is a welcomable step, I personally had faith in the judiciary. In Tamil Nadu, now goonda-ism is over, rowdism is over. There are three-four false cases (filed against me) through this lady (VK Sasikala) and her family. Now family politics in Tamil Nadu is over. I congratulate the judiciary which has done its best job. This verdict proved to the world that India is a very good democracy.

She also added:

Amma was a very benevolent leader, everybody likes Amma. In Tamil Nadu, everyone is celebrating because madame Sasikala has a very bad name. She is a criminal... I was the only person fighting against her from the first day. I spearheaded this movement (against her). She can’t enter politics for 10 years. She won’t be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. O Panneerselvam will be appreciated by the people and appointed the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by the governor.
Sasikala Pushpa

Split Within Party is Inevitable: D Raja

D Raja, member of Communist Party of India, said that even though a split within AIADMK is inevitable, we have to still wait for a while for a more definite outcome.

Law has taken its course. It is a concurrent verdict, a clear one in nature. It means Sasikala Natarajan won’t be the CM. As of now, she has to abide by the law. Logically she has to go to jail as well. The political consequence of the verdict is yet to be seen. Floor test is the only option. Governor has to decide on this as well. There is time; however, will the AIADMK remain as one party or will it split is to be seen. Sitting in Delhi I cannot comment on that. Although the split is inevitable, but we have to wait and see. Claims and counterclaims need to be listened as well.

DMK Hails Sasikala Verdict as Historic

DMK working president MK Stalin described the conviction as "historic", and called on Governor C Vidyasagar Rao to take steps for forming a stable government in Tamil Nadu.

Justice done after a long time, after about two decades. It is a historic judgment
MK Stalin

Adding that the verdict showed how politicians should conduct themselves in public life, Stalin said:

The judgment shows that one cannot escape. In public life probity is very important. For all politicians, this will be a lesson.

Following the verdict, Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao should take steps to form a stable government, he told reporters.

Asked on the stand that his party will take in the Assembly in the event of a floor test, he merely said, "DMK's stand will be beneficial to the country."

For 30 Years, Sasikala Cheated Amma: Amma’s Niece

Deepa Jayakumar, Jayalalithaa’s niece, who had earlier complained of not being allowed in the hospital to see her aunt, welcomed the judgement.

People are welcoming this because they don’t want Sasikala to lead them. This is a welcome judgement. Amma never wanted her. For 30 years, she has cheated Amma.
Deepa Jayakumar

Guv of TN Will Ensure Stable Govt: Law Minister

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Indian Minister of Law and Justice, expressed his faith in the Tamil Nadu governor following the verdict.

A Stable TN is Need of the Hour: V Naidu

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said what the state needs at the moment is stability.

TN Guv Should Follow UP Precedent: Chidambaram

In a statement, P Chidambaram, former home and finance minister in the previous UPA government, said that the AIADMK legislators will elect a leader.

“If there is only one claimant, the Governor can swear in the claimant and ask him to prove his majority. If there are two claimants, the Governor should call a composite vote,” he said citing the case of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

In 1998, the Supreme Court ordered a floor test in the UP assembly to determine who between the two claimants – Jagdambika Pal and Kalyan Singh – commanded the majority support for chief ministership.

Chidambaram, however, refused to comment on the apex court judgement.

It is a Supreme Court judgement and we are all bound by the judgement.
P Chidambaram

Justice Has Been Done: BV Acharya

BV Acharya, a senior counsel and former advocate general of Karnataka during this case of disproportionate assets, said of the conviction:

My first reaction is justice has been done. This judgement shows that in our country, however mighty powerful the accused may be, if he is really guilty, he cannot avoid the clutches of law... It also shows how strong and independent our judiciary is... My other reaction will be after seeing the judgement. 
BV Acharya