File photo of Kejriwal and Modi. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/PMOIndia) 
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Kejriwal Says Modi Uses Mother for Votes, Twitter Says ‘So Do You’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s consistency in not missing any opportunity to diss his rivals is notable.

On Tuesday morning, social media-friendly Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about meeting his mother for breakfast.

Many felt he did not have to update the world and make a big deal about visiting his mother. Unsurprisingly, Kejriwal was quick to tweet and attack Modi for using his mother for “political benefit.”

He took it a step further and added a reminder about what ‘Indian culture’s’ protocol is for taking care of your parents.

Kejriwal’s tweets came after Aam Aadmi Party member Somnath Bharti called out PM Modi for the “publicity” stunt.

Twitter Decides to Revisit Past and Slam Kejriwal

As happens habitually with Kejriwal, he was trolled for his remarks and people took it upon themselves to dig out past incidents unearthing Kejriwal’s “hypocrisy”.