Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over Rejected Vote Claims In Arizona

As Joe Biden gears up to take on his role of Presidency, Trump’s campaign has refused to accept defeat.

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Candidate Donald Trump has filed several lawsuits to contest ballots – in an bid to challenge President-elect Biden’s victory.

As Joe Biden gears up to take on his role as president, Donald Trump’s campaign has refused to accept defeat. They filed a lawsuit in Arizona on Saturday, 7 November, over rejected ballots.

Hundreds of pro-Trump supporters have rallied in downtown Phoenix, Arizona to contest Biden’s election as president and have accused his campaign and the media of a “coup to steal the elections”.

Arizona has been a key swing state in the 2020 elections, and for days was called a race “too close to call.”

The Trump administration has alleged that the populous county incorrectly rejected votes cast on Election day and have filed a lawsuit in state Superior Court in Maricopa Country.

They insinuated that poll workers told voters to press a button after the machine detected an “over vote”, and filed the lawsuit against plaintiffs that included Arizona State Republican party and the Republican National Committee.

The lawsuit seeks an order to manually review the alleged over-voted ballots that were cast in-person and asks a judge to bar the certification of the vote till the review has been conducted, reported Reuters

A group of voters also filed an unsubstantiated lawsuit that claims certain votes were not counted because voters used Sharpie pens as the county last year stocked the pens for having the fastest-drying ink.

In response, Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs put out a statement saying the Trump administration is grasping at straws, ”This is just a stalling tactic to delay the official canvass.” The Maricopa County Elections Department declined to comment on the voting allegations.

Pro-Trump protesters have assembled outside the Maricopa County Election Department and the Arizona State Capital for days, accusing Democratic operatives of rigging the election to ensure Biden wins Arizona.

Chants of, “Count the legal votes”, “We are watching you”, “We know President Trump won this election”, “they are trying to steal the election but America knows what happened and it’s fighting back”, “liberty or death” resonated on the streets. Protestors asked the crowd to not accept the results of the election, and some even threatened to take down the fence off the elections departments, reported Reuters.

So far, there is no evidence that suggests the elections have been rigged, and Trump’s claims of the same are perceived to be baseless and some late night hosts like Stephen Colbert termed his accusations as a threat to democracy.

Pro Trump Supporters Allege Voter Fraud

Tensions escalated briefly on Saturday as Trump supporters, including some heavily armed right-wing groups assembled outside the Maricopa County Elections Department and scuffled with Biden supporters who were waving American and Mexican flags. However, the protests so far have remained largely peaceful, reported Reuters.

In the key states of Michigan and Arizona, hundreds of Trump supporters insinuated without any evidence that the elections are rigged and demanded a halt to the counting of votes.

On Wednesday, a large group of his supporters tried to barge into a convention centre in Detroit where poll workers were counting over 170,000 absentee ballots and chanted, “Stop the count”, reported The New York Times.

In Arizona, supporters also chanted “Fox News sucks” because they were angry with the news network for giving the state win to Biden

Lawsuits Filed by Trump Campaign

The Trump campaign has filed roughly a dozen new lawsuits to try to disqualify ballots. The lawsuits have majorly been filed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan and now Arizona. Even after Biden was declared the winner, Trump has refused to back down and wants to contest the decision in court.

Legal experts commented that Trump’s chances of winning are rather slim and plenty of his lawsuits have already been dismissed due to lack of merit.

(With inputs from Reuters, US Today and CNN)

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