QWorld: Trump Blasts ‘Rigged’ Rules, China Expresses Anger at G7
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump (Photo:AP)
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump (Photo:AP)

QWorld: Trump Blasts ‘Rigged’ Rules, China Expresses Anger at G7

1. Trump Blasts ‘Rigged’ Rules on Republican Delegates

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lashed out at what he calls the party’s “rigged” delegate selection rules after rival Ted Cruz swept all of Colorado’s 34 delegates over the weekend.

2. China Shows Anger at G7 Statement on East, South China Seas

China’s expressed anger after foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies said they strongly oppose provocation in the East and South China Seas, where China is locked in territorial disputes.

3. Brazil Congressional Committee Recommends Impeaching President

A committee of Brazil’s lower house of Congress voted 38-27 to recommend the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, who faces charges of breaking budget laws to support her re-election in 2014.

4. Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements to Aleppo

The Syrian army is reported to be sending reinforcements to Aleppo, where renewed fighting is threatening a fragile truce in the run-up to the next round of peace talks.

5. Turkish Cabinet Meets in Southeast as Fighting Rages

Fighting rages on between Turkish security forces and Kurdish militants in southeast Turkey as the cabinet met in the restive region to discuss ways of rebuilding its shattered economy.

6. Yemen Truce Strained by Reports of Air Strikes and Fighting

A truce aimed at ending more than a year of war in Yemen appears to be largely holding, although residents said fighting was still going on in parts of the country.

7. Egyptians Outraged at Plan to Transfer Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia

Egypt’s announcement during a five-day visit by King Salman that it will transfer two Red Sea islands to its Saudi ally outrages Egyptians, who took to social media to criticise the move, which now faces a legal challenge.

8. Sudan’s Darfur Votes on Political Future, Rebels Cry Foul

Darfur residents began voting in a referendum on whether to reunite their arid western region into one entity, a poll Sudan said will settle an issue at the heart of the long-running conflict.

9. Venezuela’s Top Court Strikes Down Opposition-Backed Amnesty Law

Venezuela’s top court on Monday struck down an amnesty law approved last month by the opposition-dominated Congress, scuttling an effort by critics of President Nicolas Maduro to secure the release of jailed opposition activists.

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