QWorld: Ecuador Quake Kills Over 400, Blast in Israel and More

Post earthquake in Japan, Kumamoto Prefecture mashiki. (Photo: IANS)
Post earthquake in Japan, Kumamoto Prefecture mashiki. (Photo: IANS)

QWorld: Ecuador Quake Kills Over 400, Blast in Israel and More

1. Ecuador Counts Over 400 Quake Deaths, Damage in Billions

Touring a city ravaged by the earthquake that killed at least 413 people, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is contemplating rebuilding, costing billions of dollars and a potentially “huge” impact on the fragile OPEC economy.

2. Brazil’s Rousseff Says She Will Fight Impeachment

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said she is being unjustly impeached because she has not committed any impeachable crime. She vowed to fight until the end to stay in office.

3. Japan Quake Rattles Markets as Factories Shut; Survivors Queue for Food

The Japanese share market fell more than 3 percent after a series of earthquakes measuring up to 7.3 magnitude strike southern manufacturing hub, killed at least 42 people and forced major companies to close factories.

4. UK’s Osborne Warns Voters of Brexit’s Permanent Economic Damage

British finance minister George Osborne told voters that leaving European Union would do permanent damage to the country’s economy, costing them thousands of pounds per year and sapping funding for public services.

5. White House: Not in Saudi Interest to Destabilise Global Economy Over 9/11 Bill

The White House expressed confidence that Saudi Arabia would not follow through on a reported threat to sell US assets if the Congress passed a bill that could hold the kingdom responsible for any role in al-Qaeda’s 11 September 2001 attacks.

6. US Top Court Appears Unlikely to Revive Obama Immigration Plan

President Obama’s bid to save his plan to spare millions of immigrants in country illegally from deportation and give them work permits ran into trouble at the US Supreme Court, testing the limits of presidential power.

7. Jerusalem Bus Bomb Wounds 16, Netanyahu Hints at Palestinian Link

A bomb blew up a bus and set fire to another, wounding 16 people in an attack that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu linked to a six-month-old wave of Palestinian street violence.

8. Yemen Peace Talks Delayed by Fighting Despite Announced Truce

Talks to end a civil war and Saudi-led intervention in Yemen will not begin as planned, the warring sides said as fighting persisted despite an announced ceasefire.

9. How the World Health Organization’s Cancer Agency Confuses Consumers

Thanks to scientists working under auspices of World Health Organization, you can be fairly sure your toothbrush won’t give you cancer. Over four decades, WHO research agency assesses 989 substances and activities, ranging from arsenic to hairdressing, and finds only one is “probably not” likely to cause cancer in humans. It is ingredient in nylon used in stretchy yoga pants and toothbrush bristles.

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