5 Things PM Narendra Modi Must Do In Davos
Davos is where the rich and powerful gather every year in what some call a giant networking event.
Davos is where the rich and powerful gather every year in what some call a giant networking event.(Photo: PTI)

5 Things PM Narendra Modi Must Do In Davos

It’s the first time in some twenty years that an Indian Prime Minister is making his way to the snowy climes of Davos in Switzerland, the regular host to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting.

Big deal?


Davos is where the rich and powerful gather every year in what some call a giant networking event. There’s much more value to be had than that. The WEF does a good job of ‘mixing it up’ as one might say in party terms. As a result of which, in five days, a Davos delegate can meet more nationalities, professions and persuasions than in a year.

And...there’s more to do than just network. So here are five things Prime Minister Modi should not miss when in Davos.

Take The Train

Of course he won’t. Prime Minister Modi is unlikely to have the time to spare on his two-day whirlwind trip. But if he did, this comes highly recommended. And very affordable. Also less polluting than choppering it.

The train to Davos is like riding through a fairy tale. In a panoramic car.

Train to Davos.
Train to Davos.
(Photo courtesy: Premium Switzerland website)
The glacier express.
The glacier express.
(Photo courtesy: Swiss Holiday. Co website)

Try Nordic Walking

The yoga devotee in Mr. Modi will enjoy this. The Davos Toursim website promises it’s a mix of fun and fitness.

The Nordic walking technique is similar in movement style to cross-country skiing and is very easy to learn.

The Davos Klosters tourism website says it offers three marked round routes 2.8 km, 8.1 km and 13.1 km in length, which start at the car park for the Jakobshorn bahn cable car and head via Bolgen through the Clavadeler forest.

  • 02
    Davos scenery.
    Davos scenery.(Photo courtesy: Stefan Schlumpf)
  • 01
    Walking trails
    Walking trails(Photo courtesy: Stefan Schlumpf)

Garam Garam Chai

The only place in Davos that serves hot, masala chai and pakodas. For free. Over the years India Adda has become a draw for all lovers of India.

Go Iglu-Dorf

Igloo-Village runs in seven locations, boasts of patented igloos and claims the world record for the largest igloo ever built with snow blocks.

  • 04
    igloo restaurant
    igloo restaurant(Photo courtesy: iglu-dorf website)
  • 03
    World’s largest igloo using blocks.
    World’s largest igloo using blocks.(Photo courtesy: iglu-dorf website)
  • 02
    Igloo village.
    Igloo village.(Photo courtesy: iglu-dorf website)
  • 01
    Igloo art.
    Igloo art.(Photo courtesy: iglu-dorf website)

Top Of The World

A brief two-part cable car ride from near Davos Platz railway station ends in a view that’s at the beginning of every political aspiration. The world at your feet.

  • 04
    Top view of Davos.
    Top view of Davos.(Photo courtesy: Davos Klosters website)
  • 03
    A view of Davos from Jakobshorn.
    A view of Davos from Jakobshorn.(Photo courtesy: Bloomber Quint)
  • 02
    Davos mountains
    Davos mountains(Photo courtesy: Davos Klosters mountains)
  • 01
    The view from Jakobshorn.
    The view from Jakobshorn.(Photo courtesy: Davos Klosters)

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