Suspended for Hugs: Speak Out Against This Ridiculous Policing
Image used for representational purposes.  
Image used for representational purposes.  (Photo: The Quint)

Suspended for Hugs: Speak Out Against This Ridiculous Policing

A congratulatory hug became the ground to suspend a class XII boy and a class XI girl from a Thiruvananthapuram school.

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What’s worse, the school went to the extent of invading the privacy of the two adolescents by procuring screenshots of their pictures from their PRIVATE Instagram accounts, terming them as ‘indecent, scandalous, highly objectionable' and using these photos as ‘proof’ in a court — which, BTW, sided with the school.

Journalists at The Quint went live on Facebook to speak against this absolutely shocking case of moral policing by the school and the Kerala High Court. We even hugged each other during the live, to demonstrate that hugs aren’t in anyway ‘devilish’, as the school authorities would have us believe.

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Moral policing is not a new thing in Indian schools and hence we asked people to step forward and share their stories. Here are a few of them.

If you too believe that the suspension of the two students is a highly regressive act, raise your voice against the order!

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