Rajasthan Fringe Group Disrupts Christian Event Over “Conversion”
A homeless man hawks Christmas-themed goods on the sidewalk at Nehru Place, Delhi.
A homeless man hawks Christmas-themed goods on the sidewalk at Nehru Place, Delhi.(Photo: Sunil Kumar Aledia)

Rajasthan Fringe Group Disrupts Christian Event Over “Conversion”

Hindu activists, on Tuesday, 20 December, allegedly disrupted a programme held by Christian missionaries, ahead of Christmas in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh area.

Two people were arrested by the Rajasthan police following the incident.

A video clipping posted by a journalist from Hindustan Times showed the activists creating a ruckus at the venue, over the pretext that the organizers of the event were attempting to convert the attendees most of whom were tribals.

In the video, the activists were seen showing a policemen items that they confiscated from the event, such as hymn books that according to them ‘indicated’ that it was a conversion event.

One activist was seen holding up a book to a policeman titled “Purana aur Naya Niyam’ (Old and New Ways).

The event was organised was the Pratapgarh branch of ‘Masih Shakti Samiti’ for tribals, Hindustan Times reported. The event coordinator, Karu Lal told HT that the attendees were attacked around 20 people on Tuesday evening, 19 December.

The police who had earlier permitted the organisers to hold the event allegedly later asked them to stop the proceedings and also take two tribals into police custody.

Recently, there have been two other incidents where Christian events were disrupted by right-wing groups.

Eight people were arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district on 14 December, while attending a Christian prayer meeting, following complaints of religious conversion.

On Tuesday, 19 December, RSS-affiliate Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) has asked Aligarh's schools not to celebrate Christmas claiming that the celebrations were "essentially a ploy to lure and convert Hindu children", The Hindu reported.

The HJM directed its district units to protest outside schools if their warnings were not heeded to.

The chief of HJM in Aligarh, Sonu Savita told The Hindu that the move is not “against Christians celebrating Christmas”, but the problem is with “a Christian festival” being forced on “Hindu children.”

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