QBullet: Secret Talks on J&K, Lalu Out of Sync With Bihar & More
RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. (Photo: PTI)
RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. (Photo: PTI)

QBullet: Secret Talks on J&K, Lalu Out of Sync With Bihar & More

1. PM Modi is Here For 10 Years, says Mufti Sayeed

J&K chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said “there is no alternative” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who he believes is “here to stay for the next 10 years”, reports the Indian Express.

Calling the lynching in Dadri “an attack on India’s diversity”, Sayeed said the Prime Minister “must fight” elements trying to create a “communal” atmosphere in the country by “polarising communities”.

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2. Whitefly Destroys 2/3rd of Punjab’s Cotton Crop

Whitefly, a common pest, has destroyed about two-thirds of cotton crop in Punjab, which led to an estimated loss of Rs 4,200 crore, reports the Times of India.

There are reports of at least 15 cotton farmers committing suicide. The director of Punjab’s agriculture department is under arrest as are several pesticide dealers for selling spurious pesticides.

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3. Manmohan Gave Modi File on Secret Kashmir Talks

A senior Indian diplomat has told the Indian Express that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf had structured a draft on Jammu and Kashmir in secret talks.

Files recording unsigned documents exchanged by the two sides were personally handed over to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by his predecessor at a May 27, 2014 meeting, the diplomat said.

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4. Put Delhi University VC on Compulsory Wait: HRD To President

The Human Resource Development Ministry has asked President Pranab Mukherjee to put Delhi University Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh on “compulsory wait”, reports the Indian Express. The move comes just a few weeks before his tenure ends.

If Mukherjee, who is the Visitor of all central universities, accepts the suggestion, Singh will lose the right to discharge duties as Vice Chancellor and, in effect, will remain a titular head till he completes his term on October 29.

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5. Big Shift From Hindi to English in Delhi Schools

Data of the school year 2013-2014 show that only three of Delhi’s nine districts have more Hindi medium students than English medium ones, reports the Times of India.

For the state as a whole, there are almost as many students opting for English medium as those in Hindi medium with the difference between the numbers of students enrolled in the two mediums at just over 53,000, according to the report.

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6. Lalu ‘Out of Sync’ with New Bihar

The political graph of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is falling as caste politics becomes nuanced and people charge the RJD with corruption and poor governance, reports The Hindu.

His conviction on corruption charges and image of poor governance apart, Mr. Prasad’s decline also stems from a gradual change in backward caste politics in Bihar.

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7. Indo-Pak Tensions: A Fictional Nuclear War Scenario

The next Pakistan-sponsored major terrorist attack could lead to conventional conflict along with the risk of nuclear exchanges, Gurmeet Kanwal writes for the Hindustan Times.

A week ago, responding to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s four-point peace initiative, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj told the United Nations General Assembly that only a single-point peace plan was needed and that was for Pakistan to stop sponsoring terrorism in India.

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8. Access At the Cost of Net Neutrality?

The ease of access promised by applications like Free Basics compromises neutrality and may later morph into a method of predatory pricing. If programmes that bring access to a part of the Internet in the immediate future were to entrench themselves, it could eventually lead to telecom companies abusing their dominant positions.

Read the full opinion piece by Suhrith Parthasarathy in The Hindu here.

9. Words Drained of Meaning

For decades now, America’s Christian right has run a campaign against such generally accepted scientific understandings as evolutionary theory and the Big Bang. What is interesting to note is the language in which such opposition is mounted. The irony is that the religionists find they need the vocabulary science provides to make their garbled conjecture somewhat plausible, at least semi-coherent. This is why you have such ex post facto theorising as intelligent design.

Read the full opinion piece by Prayaag Akbar in the Indian Express here.

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