Noida Cop Rescues Chinese Man From Jungle, Have Ice-cream Together
The man was lost in the jungle without his mobile phone and wallet.
The man was lost in the jungle without his mobile phone and wallet.(Photo: PTI)

Noida Cop Rescues Chinese Man From Jungle, Have Ice-cream Together

Lost in a jungle without his mobile phone and wallet during the night, a Chinese national was rescued by a policeman, who reunited the foreigner with his group in Greater Noida despite language barrier.

The Chinese man has been identified as Xing Fu, who has come here for some work in a mobile manufacturing company but had lost his mobile phone and wallet somewhere, according to the police.

Xing Fu, who cannot understand Hindi or English, also got separated from his group and lost his way into the jungles earlier in the day, the police reported.

Sub-inspector Komal Kuntal who is in-charge of a police outpost under Kasna station limits, was out on patrolling in the area near the Gautam Buddh University around 9:30 PM on Tuesday when he noticed some suspicious movement on a road along a jungle.

“I stopped my vehicle to find out more and there appeared to be a man near some bushes. I asked who it was and the only response I got was ‘Please help.’
Komal Kuntal, Sub-Inspector

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"These are perhaps the only two words he knew in English. Nothing in Hindi. I also don't know Mandarin. But he appeared really distraught and was profusely perspiring, suggesting that he was in trouble. He also signalled that he was very hungry," added the SI.

Kuntal said that he gestured the man to come along in his car, whom he tried to explain that he was from the police to help him and somehow managed to convince him.

"Soon I called up a personal acquaintance of mine who works in a private agency as a translator, thinking he could help us. Most luckily, he knew Mandarin and then I put on the call on speaker and got the two talking and my acquaintance interpreting everything to me," said Kuntal.

Kuntal, in-charge of the Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) police outpost in Greater Noida, said he got to know that Xing was staying in Greenwood Society, Phase 2, which was some six or seven km from the spot where they met.

The two soon reached the society where the policeman located the other members of Xing's group, who too did not know Hindi or English properly but were worried about his disappearance.

"He had midway gestured that he was hungry. I offered food but then he signalled he wanted an ice cream when he saw a cart along the road in the city. We stopped and had ice creams," said Kuntal.

"He had turned very emotional after reuniting with his group. He said thank you in broken Hindi. However, broken his language, I was overwhelmed that he knew those words. He thanked the police and hailed India as great," added the SI.

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