Jallikattu Projected in a Wrong Way, Says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. (Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. (Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

Jallikattu Projected in a Wrong Way, Says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In the last few days, protests against banning of the bull-taming sport of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu has gained momentum.

With support pouring in from all over, sea of demonstrators have flocked to Marina beach and other areas to voice their dissent against the ban and animal rights organisation PETA, which had approached the Supreme Court on the issue.

Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Thursday, commented on the burning topic saying that Jallikattu is an “integral part” of the festival of Pongal, which is “bigger than Holi or Diwali” in Tamil Nadu.

He said that the animal is “worshiped” by the people throughout the year.

He feels that the SC needs to be approached again “with a correct picture” of the sport.

“We have not given the right projection of Jallikattu.”

He also calls the ban a “conspiracy” to do away with indigenous breeds of bulls.

“We have lost many breeds of ox and bulls in Orissa but Tamil Nadu has preserved these breeds. You can’t simply ban culture and tradition.”

He extends support to the protesters, saying: “I stand by the people of Tamil Nadu and their passion in protecting their tradition. I want to tell them to not let this peaceful protest be hijacked by anti-social elements and politicians.”

Let’s appeal to the SC again. It is sensible and sensitive to the culture of the people.

He sternly believes that “cruelty” towards animals should not enter the sport after PETA raised issues of people drugging the bull to make it aggressive.

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