Learn & Innovate: CBSE Shares Tips for Students Amid Lockdown
From cooking to online music lessons, CBSE Secretary says students can achieve a lot during lockdown.
From cooking to online music lessons, CBSE Secretary says students can achieve a lot during lockdown.(Photo: The Quint)

Learn & Innovate: CBSE Shares Tips for Students Amid Lockdown

In the wake of a nationwide lockdown that has closed schools and colleges and forced several boards to reschedule examinations, CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi has urged students to reinvent their skills and make innovations, as they remain confined within the four walls of their dwellings.

In a letter titled ‘Lockdown- An Opportunity for Education’, Tripathi has urged students, teachers and parents to make the most of internet and E-resources , so that the home they are are confined in can become a learning centre for students.

Tripathi writes that he is well aware of the fact that after a year of hard work and intense learning, students often look forward to this period as this is the time when they indulge in endless conversations with friends, plan holidays with their families and go to watch movies.

“We are aware that some students are confused as they haven’t been able to give exams. This lockdown could be a boon, as you could focus more on your dreams, desires.”
Anurag Tripathi, Secretary, CBSE

Tips by Tripathi

Urging students to make the best of this lockdown, Tripathi says students can use this school-free opportunity to rejuvenate themselves.

  • Students can begin the day with light yoga and meditation. After focusing on stretching, students can slowly move focus to thoughts and breathing, preferably with eyes shut. This will enhance concentration.
  • Participate in domestic chores like cleaning the room and washroom, arranging the cupboard and washing clothes, polishing shoes. This will not only build respect for those involved in hard labour, but will also bring self satisfaction.
  • Lend a helping hand to parents in the kitchen and learn the art of cooking. Food cooked by you will bring endless joys to parents.
  • Depending on your interest, make the best use of online classes to learn music, dance, drama, speech, theater, painting, robotics, painting and more. Share videos of these activities with your friends and relatives.
  • Use your creativity to invent new songs, dialogue and poetry, stories, jokes and other things.
  • Use this lockdown to further your skills and work on their strengths.

‘Innovate and Discover’

He urges parents and teachers to turn this lockdown into an opportunity for students to acquire leadership skills though enactments of mini-parliament, courtroom, chaupal, press conference, classroom, hospitals, factories, marketing and sales.

Finally, he urges students to come up with inventions and discoveries, in their own small ways. This, he says will prepare them for the role of future innovators.

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