Fan Narrates All of Endgame To His Blind Friend; A Marvel Bromance
Bromance, whaa!
Bromance, whaa!Hollywood Reporter

Fan Narrates All of Endgame To His Blind Friend; A Marvel Bromance

Let’s talk about friendship, shall we? What’s the best thing your friend has done for you? Well, this Kolkata resident narrated all of Endgame to his blind friend as he sat beside him.

Now if this isn't fandom, we don't know what is! Sabyasachi Biswas, a witness, who had also gone to watch the movie was sitting alongside them in the audience and noticed this epic bromance moment. After speaking with the two friends he found out that the visually impaired friend had lost his eyesight in a road accident. Unfortunately for us, he did not reveal their names.


Marvel’s fandom knows no bounds. Having been around for over 11 years, it has united fans all over the world. And with this latest incident, we can’t help but think of it as a perfect ode to the friendships that we look up to in the MCU itself, be it Steve and Bucky, Tony and Rhodey or even Groot and Rocket!

Although at first fellow audience members found it to be a bit bothersome but upon learning about the friends during the interval, their hearts couldn't help but melt.

What was purely magical was how the two friends reacted during the climax. While the friend narrated every little detail, the other reacted with every little emotion.

Clearly this recent incident proves that Marvel is more than just a bunch of “superhero” movies, it’s an experience and for some a mark of true friendship!

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