Question of the Day: Stupidest Thing You Did as a Child?
Children’s Day 
Children’s Day Photo: iStock

Question of the Day: Stupidest Thing You Did as a Child?

Did you ever get burns on your tiny hands from the family iron? Well, you are not alone. Hear this person’s childhood story: “My mom told me that the iron was really hot. I didn’t believe her, and put it to my hand. Needless to say, I discovered very suddenly and very painfully, that it was INDEED really hot.”

Or did you ever plan the names of your future kids with your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

Or did you get the strange urge to throw things to the ground floor?

When I visited my grandparents on the 14th floor of a government quarter in Delhi, I’d was excited because I’d never been to the top of such a tall building. So I threw things from their bedroom (brushes, powders, boxes, clothes, basically all the things that a 5-year-old could carry) down from the fourteenth floor balcony to the ground. Took them a while to realise what had happened. And I’d thrown many things by that point.
Anonymous, 24

Blow a Few Things, Maybe?

Played Hide and Seek in the Nose?

Shoved a crayon in my nose as a dare in kindergarten. Had to go to the doctor to get it removed.
Simmi, 33

Or Rebel Against Family Imposed Vegetarianism?

Or *Gasp* Slap your Mom?

At 8, I slapped my mom because I was narrating my day at school and that’s how the music teacher had slapped a kid. My mom slapped me back (but obvious). But I couldn’t figure out why ‘cuz the kid never slapped the teacher in return.
Andre, 26

The Back Story

Well, in case you are wondering what’s prompted this nostalgic frenzy, here’s the full story: A Twitter user asked a simple question about childhood. And soon enough, it was inundated with intriguing memories that people couldn’t refrain from sharing.

DoUHaveTheFever? asked everyone to share their stories about the stupidest thing they did as a child.

After the tweet, social media users recounted all the curious little things they did as a child. While some of them were innocuous in nature, some were insanely funny.

Question: How tall were you and how low was the ceiling?

We’re all guilty

The thug life chooses you...

Sibling rivalries, anyone?

“I like to live dangerously.”

At least you get to flip the bird the right way.

Happy Children’s Day!

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