What Happens When You Dance to Bollywood On the Streets IRL?
Rahim Pardesi in his video ‘Bollywood in Public’
Rahim Pardesi in his video ‘Bollywood in Public’(Photo: Facebook)

What Happens When You Dance to Bollywood On the Streets IRL?

We have all seen Bollywood songs with actors and their entourage waltzing (not really) down the streets, as though nothing’s amiss. But what happens when you try it out IRL (in real life)?

Popular Youtuber Rahim Pardesi did just that, and the results are hilarious. The one-month-old video has gone viral on social media, with over 99,000 shares.

From mimicking Anil Kapoor’s moves in ‘My Name is Lakhan’, to imitating Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Ik pal ka jeena’, Pardesi does it all on the streets of Glasgow.

And while some onlookers gave him the customary weird look, some others joined in, shaking a leg with Pardesi.

Moreover, Pardesi has juxtaposed his ‘street dance outing’ with clips from the original songs.

The video begins with Anil Kapoor’s ‘My name is Lakhan’, where Pardesi is seen sporting a moustache almost similar to Kapoor’s. Clad in a red-shirt, mouthing the lyrics to the song, Pardesi manages to spur some passers-by to join in him as well.

The song is followed by Hrithik’s ‘Ik pal ka jeena’, where Pardesi has gone all out, donning even the black netted-shirt that the original song had.

Then follows Sunny Deol’s “Chammak Challo Zara Dheere Chalo.” This one surely got Pardesi a lot more incredulous stares than any other song, thanks to Deol’s ‘snazzy’ moves.

Now comes Govinda’s chartbuster with Karisma Kapoor – ‘Meri Pant Bhi Sexy’. Pardesi’s moves almost obstructs passers-by from walking, forcing them to stop and watch his antics. And it certainly doesn’t help as he spouts the lyrics at the top of his voice while he dances along.

One is thing is clear: Real life ain’t nothing like Bollywood.

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