Medical Staff Save COVID Patients, Cut Through Thick Himachal Snow

S(no)w Big Deal: Medical staff rescues COVID patients through thick snow in Himachal.

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Pilot Manoj and EMT Jay Lalita captured with the ambulance they pushed through 45cm snow on Monday.

It is no secret that this pandemic has been quite a challenge for people across the world. At the same time, it has also given birth to countless miracles and acts of kindness that keep reminding us of how powerful humanity is. A recent incident involving two medical staff members trying to cut through a thick blanket of snow to save two patients just proves the bravery of our frontline COVID warriors!

Following heavy snowfall on Monday, the Manali-Atal Tunnel-Keylong Highway in Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh was completely blocked. On the same day, there were two critical patients stuck in Keylong valley that urgently needed to be transferred to a hospital in Ner Chowk, reported Times of India. A 108 ambulance was called, but it was no match for the blanket of snow that covered the highway.

That's when pilot Manoj and emergency medical technician (EMT) Jay Lalita decided to push their ambulance through the snow-covered road to reach the patients.

Once they reached the tunnel, a patch of 13 km with 30-45 cm thick snow had to be crossed to reach the Solang Valley. The pilot then decided to cover the tyres in snow chains for a better grip. The noteworthy detail here is that the 108 national ambulance service is not meant for such dire weather conditions. Despite this, the duo decided to risk their lives which eventually resulted in transfer of the patients to the hospital successfully.

“Pilot knew that the task was very dangerous. When the staff was told about the condition of the patients, they didn’t ask any questions. It took a lot of effort for them to reach Solang valley. Pilot told me that he had to put the vehicle into its full power to negotiate the Dhundi area.”
Ambulance Service In-Charge, Ashish Sharma to The Times of India

May we remember the tireless efforts of individuals like Ashish Sharma long after the pandemic is gone!

(With inputs from The Times of India)

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