How Not to Do Father’s Day: A Tutorial from the Trumps

The Trumps faced backlash on Father’s Day for failing to wish the ‘right’ way. Catch all the details here!

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The Obamas (left) and the Trumps (right). (Photo: Altered by<b> </b>The Quint)&nbsp;

One can always rely on the internet to dredge up the tiniest semblance of a gaffe, drape it with disrepute and unload it skilfully on social media.

There was quite a lot to do on Father’s Day. Wish the lovable fathers, post endearing updates, check out others’ updates and, well, pick on America’s beloved President Donald Trump.

Tweeple couldn’t help pointing out the sharp difference between the tweets posted by the Trumps and the Obamas on the occasion of Father’s Day. While Barack Obama expressed how proud he is to be Sasha and Malia’s dad, President Trump tweeted this:

And two more tweets in the course of the day:

Now, you can pretty much imagine what Trump unleashed. While we firmly believe that to each his own...we couldn’t resist a sneak peek at all that transpired!

The Should-Haves

The Ones That The Should-Haves Dragged In!

No one was spared. First Lady Melania Trump was dragged in too. Her tweet wishing the POTUS a joyful father’s day was juxtaposed with Michelle Obama’s elaborate Father’s Day tweet.

The One With Love And Warmth

The One With (Possible) Love And Warmth...But A Tweet Of Few Words

A hashtag, a heart and an auto-tag when you type in the first letter?

NOT Twitter’s idea of an authentic display of love.

What’s more, while Michelle Obama was greeted with ‘too-cute-for-words’ GIFs, Melania’s tweet was flooded with reactions that ranged from disapproval to mockery. Some even pointed out that there is some respite in the fact that this, at least, wasn’t plagiarised.

Last but not least, Ivanka Trump was targeted too, for not wishing her dad at the very first go. Her first tweet thanked her husband for being a loving father to her kids and her second one, which came after some time, wished President Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, a happy father’s day.

While we could show you some of those retaliatory tweets too, we decided to abstain. There’s enough hate out there already without us subjecting you to a fresh deluge.

We just wanted to keep you in the loop, and that’s that. It is up to you to take or not take sides now!

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