5 Reasons to Stream LOL - Hasse Toh Phasse NOW

We dare you to keep a straight face through it

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ten of India’s most popular comics battle it out to make the jury laugh – BUT they cannot laugh themselves.</p></div>

Let’s agree on one thing. Times are grim and we could all do with a few laughs.

Unless you are a contestant on LOL – Hasse Toh Phasse, in which case, laughing means losing out on 25 lakhs.


That’s right. Ten of India’s most popular comedy entertainers battle it out to make their co-contestants laugh – with one caveat: They cannot be caught laughing, or even smiling, themselves. In short: hasse toh phasse!

Imagine how tough it must be to pull this off in front of live cameras and two judges watching your every move. Tune in to the show on Amazon Prime Video to find out more.

Luckily, as viewers, we can LOL as much as we want. And, in current times, laughter can be just the antidote we need. Here are 5 reasons to go binge-watch the show.

1. A unique, original format on Indian screens

LOL in this show stands for 'Last One Laughing', a concept that was originally developed in Japan, and adapted later in countries like Australia, Mexico, Germany, Italy and Canada. The idea is simple: 10 comedians are locked up in a house for 6 hours, with a mandate to make their co-contestants laugh, all while keeping a straight face. If you laugh, you leave; until the last comic remains.

Thanks to the show’s original format, we don’t just get to LOL at our favourites but also get to know them a little more (as they struggle not to laugh themselves).

2. Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi are handing out red cards!

As actors with impeccable comic timing themselves – Irani and Warsi are the hosts and referees for LOL – Hasse Toh Phasse. As per them, it was the best job in the world; however, they wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the camera for this one. In fact, both admitted in an interview recently that they would not last even 30 seconds if they were participating in the show instead of playing referees.

The naturally hilarious duo share excellent on-screen chemistry as well, so it’s a delight to watch them in this new avatar as hosts and referees on the show. Plus, Arshad’s one-liners are to watch out for.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Irani and Warsi are the hosts and referees for LOL – Hasse Toh Phasse.</p><p>(Source - Amazon Prime Video)</p></div>

Irani and Warsi are the hosts and referees for LOL – Hasse Toh Phasse.

(Source - Amazon Prime Video)

3. The comic line-up is incredible

No matter what kind of comedy you like, from standup and improv to witty one-liners, the fabulous entertainers on the show have got you covered. The list includes Aadar Malik, Aakash Gupta, Aditi Mittal, Ankita Shrivastava, Cyrus Broacha, Gaurav Gera, Kusha Kapila, Mallika Dua, Sunil Grover, and Suresh Menon – a riotously funny bunch if there ever was one. And considering that they are competing against each other, we can only imagine how hard they have to work to up their comic skills.

Making an audience laugh is one thing – but making your own industry peers laugh? Now that’s a challenge worth our time for sure.

4. Cyrus Broacha apparently complains a lot

Firstly, we are beyond excited to have Cyrus Broacha – the OG funnyman – back on our screens to make us laugh. For anyone who has grown up in the 90s, Broacha was synonymous with humour, satire, and practical jokes, all while keeping a straight face (remember MTV Bakra?).

Turns out that he was also complaining a lot through the show – something that even the judges pointed out in one of their interviews, before bursting into laughter themselves. Watch the show to find out what cheesed him off so much, and how he evolved his unique brand of humour to compete with new-age names like Kusha Kapila, Aditi Mittal, Aakash Gupta, Mallika Dua, and others.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Meet the fabulous line-up of comics who are battling it out on LOL - Hasse Toh Phasse</p><p>(Source - Amazon Prime Video)</p></div>

Meet the fabulous line-up of comics who are battling it out on LOL - Hasse Toh Phasse

(Source - Amazon Prime Video)

5. A chance to keep it light in these gloomy times

We can’t not acknowledge the reality of the times we are in. Most of us who are not frontline workers are stuck at home and dealing with personal crises of our own. In the interview, Boman and Arshad acknowledged how the show can be a welcome distraction amidst all the bad news; it gives us a chance to just let ourselves laugh freely for a while. Boman also added that instead of forwarding panic messages and upping our collective anxiety even further – why not take whatever time you get between work and helping others to give yourself this much-needed break? While laughter may not be the best medicine for our particular malady (get vaccinated, people!) – it will surely help release a few endorphins in the system. We couldn’t agree more.

All six episodes of LOL – Hasse Toh Phasse are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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