Footwear Tips for Politicians to Ace This Election Season

A BJP MP hit his own party’s MLA with his shoe. 

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Here are some essential footwear tips for all the politicians before the elections.

The election year could be extremely challenging, especially for those actively involved in politics. And no, the challenge doesn't come from politics or policies alone, the shoes determine a lot.

The right footwear can be a decisive factor for the politicians when they are campaigning before the elections.

Consider the now viral scuffle between MLA Rakesh Baghel and MP Sharad Tripathi.

Had Baghel armed himself with the right footwear, he would have at least had a chance to retaliate and defend himself, instead of taking all the beating lying down.

ICYMI, here’s a quick glimpse of what really happened.

‘What type of footwear to don before the elections’ can be a nagging question for party workers at various levels. Here are some footwear tips for all the party workers and politicians they can put to good use and ace this election season:

Velcro to the Rescue

When it comes to pre-election campaigns, timing is crucial. Be it announcement of a new face of the party or releasing a movie to promote party propaganda, right timing is key. So, why waste time wearing laced shoes that would take forever to untie? Wear Velcro-strapped shoes/loafers which would keep you forever fight-ready.

Footwear Tips for Politicians to Ace This Election Season
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Keep Those Spikes Handy

Very often, your biggest challenge is not really the rival party, but it could be posed by your own party members.

Lest you end up in a committee meeting where you enter into a ‘Tu tu main main’ with a fellow party worker, keep the spiked shoes ready to deal some real damage.

Footwear Tips for Politicians to Ace This Election Season
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Multipurpose Hawai Chappals

These white, rubber, waterproof flat chappals are super multipurpose. A must-have for your ‘door-to-door campaigning’ sessions! Being flat, they are super comfortable when you go asking for votes and spend long hours on the streets. What’s more? Chappals can be the perfect accessory to pull off a convincing ‘middle class’ look that could help you win instant voters. But don’t go barefoot – that makes you look as if you are trying too hard!

Footwear Tips for Politicians to Ace This Election Season
(Photo: Giphy)

Sneakers to Run for Your Life

This one is a no-brainer. Pre-elections, you will invariably find yourself in a situation where you’d need to run for your life. For example, facing a throng of reporters asking difficult questions.

What do you do then? Run the opposite direction, of course!

Footwear Tips for Politicians to Ace This Election Season
(Photo: Giphy)

So, how do you plan to use your footwear this election season? Share your comments with us.

(This story is a work of satire)

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