8 Unexpected Things I’ve Been Missing as an Introvert in Lockdown
Can’t believe I miss making plans!
Can’t believe I miss making plans!(Photo Courtesy: Arnica Kala/The Quint)

8 Unexpected Things I’ve Been Missing as an Introvert in Lockdown

Almost two weeks ago, way before PM Narendra Modi announced the 21-day nationwide lockdown, when I first started taking social distancing seriously, I was lowkey excited. I vaguely knew that, at some point, I would like to step out for fresh air. But as a self-proclaimed introvert, I knew staying indoors wouldn’t be too hard for me. I could work from home in my pyjamas all day long, endlessly sip on chai, read in my free time, possibly even catch a power nap in the middle of the day... The possibilities of staying indoors seemed endless.

Anyway, cut to 10 days later, I’ve found myself seriously disillusioned. Turns out that as an ‘introvert’, I am actually not all that good at staying indoors. A truth I realised only recently when I found myself uncharacteristically missing the following things:


Netflix & Chill? No, Thank You!

I still remember the good old days when I’d look forward to a weekend of no plans. I’d pick out a Netflix show/movie to binge, pour myself a glass of wine and just kick back and enjoy for the rest of the evening. But things look very different now. I’ve exhausted most things on my watch list and I’m getting increasingly choosy about things that I want to watch.
Here’s another surprising plot twist: Instead of my mother yelling at me for being glued to the laptop screen all day, I am now asking her to spend some time away from her phone and give ME attention!

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Don’t Text If It Can Be a Video Call

Back in the day, I would watch my phone ring and then reply back saying “In the middle of something right now, text instead?” (Even my Hinge profile says that!)

But now, I’m basically a monster. For every little thing, I schedule a video call. In the past five days, I’ve had seven video calls with friends, friends of friends, far-off relatives.. Well, I don’t know about COVID-19 but my phone anxiety is certainly cured!

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I’ve Been Making.. Plans?

Look, my summer vacations were lowkey AF and by that I mean to say that I’d vegetate for most sunny hours of the day and then again fall asleep the minute the clock struck 12. For obvious reasons, I could never understand why Cindrella would want to stay out after midnight. But now, it’s ALL. I. CRAVE. In fact, I’ve been making actual ‘Post Coronavirus Lockdown Plans’ that will involve me putting on pants and makeup and stepping out. UNBELIEVABLE!

From cancelling plans to making plans, we’re all coming out of this pandemic as different people and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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Currently in a Love-Hate Relationship With My Room

Although it’s mostly leaning towards hate because of all the time I spend in my room. The same room my parents, once upon a time, used to drag me out of. These days I’m more Sheldon Cooper fighting for my spot on the couch in the hall than an angsty Disney teenager aggressively locking up her door.

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Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local Pakadni Hai Please

As introverts who are not particularly fond of the challenges of being outdoors, we’re not big fans of commute either. Especially not Mumbai commute which is nothing short of a Takeshi’s Castle task (remember Takeshi’s Castle?). But I kid you not, the other day I found myself fantasising about being in a crowded local. I am mortified by my own thoughts but it is what it is.

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Putting on Pants Has Become an Unexpected Mood Changer

As someone who spends almost 12 hours every day for five days a week in pants, I HATE PANTS. But pants also have pockets. And, as a woman, that is a rare luxury for a lot of us - which is why we make peace with pants. Like I mentioned, when I started working from home, I was hella excited to NOT. WEAR. PANTS. Until I realised that the longer I keep my pyjamas on, the less work I get done. In fact, putting on pants has become such a mood changer recently. I really wasn’t expecting this new development in my personality.

Me to myself every morning now:

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I Need Small Talk

Introverts hate nothing more than small talk. You wanna make idle conversation about the weather? I’m out. Which is why talking to relatives is always such a pain. But guess what, I would actually love some small talk right about now. I can’t remember the last time a conversation did not automatically turn into a serious coronavirus discussion. So yeah, give me those pointless and awkward conversations about nothing.

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Can I have Some Time Away From My Phone?

Social media is a huge part of every introvert’s personality. It’s how we stay relevant, it’s where we find comfort when the world is unkind, it’s where we mostly exist. But lately, I’ve found myself *not* wanting to be on the internet. I used to be glued to my phone but now I find it increasingly more annoying because of how much I’m having to use it - for work, to keep in touch with my friends, to take endless videos of my dogs etc., etc.

Well, at least my mom will be happy about this one.

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