Your Personality According To Your Exam Results

This is what the CBSE results are making these students feel, IRL

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Hydrate yourself before you begin reading this because water will save you, not your board exam results. Well, first things first, this is no PSA. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about the storm that’s hit your house recently and it might not look as dangerous from the outside but boy is it huuuuge, for everyone but you.

That’s right, the CBSE board results are out, a remarkable day in a student’s life which marks the beginning of everything. The precedent that these numbers will set for you is what you’ll be known for, for the rest of your life.

At least that’s what your parents, your neighbours, your aunt who lives overseas and that annoying nerd who lifts ‘books for days’, must have told you.


I’m here to tell you otherwise. But because this isn’t church there won’t be no preaching. When it comes to these marks, the only fact that’s getting a 100 percent is the truth that the grass is indefinitely greener on the other side.

So, lift your sorry derrieres off the couch and have a laugh reading these honest reactions to one’s CBSE results -

1. The 90-something-er who’s sobbing like Naina after Aman dies in Kal Ho Na Ho (Oops, spoiler alert)

You thought they had it better? Nu-uh! Imagine the sheer pain of missing the ultimate goal of ‘100’ by a single digit! The topper for 2019, Ghaziabad's Hansika Shukla’s regrets missing that perfect score after getting a 99 in English. Damn, girl, the horror!

Unfortunately I can only sympathise with you because empathy is for when you’ve been in someone’s shoes. It’s okay, this too shall pass…

2. The 80-percenter who’s Hella confused

This lot’s got no clue if they did it wrong or right. Nobody around them knows how to react : Their friends, family, hell, even their examiner. It’s literally a ‘will they, won't they’ kind of a situation. Stuck in the middle of might-get-into- college or might-have-to-rob-my-parents-off-of-their hard-earned-savings-to-get-into-a-swanky-private-uni kinda thing.


You’ll get over this, your friends and family will as well. And maybe even your examiner. So hang in there!


3. The 70 percenter who’s livin’ it up.

This gang is already on their way to goa for the party! They did it, it’s over, it’s done. Nobody knows them better than they do. These self-aware souls saw it coming when they sat to prep for the exams. And you know what, they worked hard and all work and no ‘partay’ makes them BO-RING. Don’t police them, okay?


4. The 40 percenter who can finally breathe

They tried and maybe it wasn’t their jam and that’s okay because these marks don’t make them failures. Failure is when you never even show up! So after the tissues in the boxes are over, the anger has subsided, the frustration vented, they take a long breath.

Breathe that good ol’ oxygen friends and remember that you’ve got more tricks up your sleeve than chemistry equations or remembering history dates. Focus on those and the clouds will clear for brighter days!

Alright, I admit it.

It got a little preachy in the end, but guess you’ll just have to deal with it. Like your results. And like the barrage of calls you will get from people you don’t even remember. To them you say -

This is what the CBSE results are making these students feel, IRL
Board results 
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