Tik Tok: These ‘Shaadi-Sasuraal’ Jokes Will Make You ROFL
Get ready for some ROFL answers to marriage and mother-in-law questions
Get ready for some ROFL answers to marriage and mother-in-law questions(Photo: Altered by Arnica Kala/The Quint)

Tik Tok: These ‘Shaadi-Sasuraal’ Jokes Will Make You ROFL

Nimboo Chaatna Must Mean Good News!

Saasuma is all excited about the ‘good news’ when she sees Bahurani licking a lemon. But guess what Bahurani has to say? Umm...I’m not preggars, Mummyji, just hungover!

From inside India’s bedrooms, kitchens and balconies Tik Tok is on the pulse of what women are laughing about and we bring you just a few of the sketches that may not be politically correct, but are guaranteed to make you snort, guffaw or at least secretly grin. And it’s all in the delivery.

Get Ready For Some Crazy Answers to Life’s Relationship Questions

Bidai mein brides kyon rotein hain – why do brides cry during their bidaai?

If you are taken far away from home and made to wash dishes all day, what will you do? Dance?

How Do You Impress the Ladkeewaale

Maamaji to Nephew: Listen, the girl’s side is coming so talk things up and make us sound cool, okay?

Nephew in front of lakdeewaale: Aeroplane ko maine kabaadiwaale ko de diya, puraana ho gaya thaaa – I gave our old  aeroplane to the kabaadiwala.

Good-For-Nothing Sons

Son: Mummy, you give me less importance than you give the maid!

Mother: Beta, that is because she might actually leave...

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Role Reversal Or Real Life?

And then there is the office-going wife whose husband serves her bed tea, puts the geyser on and keeps her clothes ready outside the bathroom so that she can get to work on time. Strange or normal? You decide.

Suhaag Raat ‘System’

Little boy: Dadaji, how do little babies get born?

Dadaji: A bird flies overhead and drops the baby down to earth.

Little boy: Does that mean the Suhaag Raat system is over now?

Dadaji: %$^%%

Also, there is the dude who pulls the ‘Indian Mythology’ card WITHOUT the desired result.

Boy: You have heard of Raja Dasharath, right, he had three wives, so I can marry again.

Girl: You have heard of Draupadi, right?

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These Tik Tok women are not politically correct, but they certainly are the funniest feminists out there. Tik Tok works on user-generated content appealing to a young audience, primarily from small-towns across India.

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