What The Glamorous Emmy 2018 Red Carpet Pictures DID NOT Show You
Claire Foy (extreme left), Rachel Brosnahan (second from left), Thandie Newton (third from left) and Alex Borstein (extreme right)
Claire Foy (extreme left), Rachel Brosnahan (second from left), Thandie Newton (third from left) and Alex Borstein (extreme right)(Photo: Aroop Mishra/TheQuint)

What The Glamorous Emmy 2018 Red Carpet Pictures DID NOT Show You

Red carpets are all about style and glamour. Stunning women wearing even more stunning clothes – their stunningness splashed all across the Internet.

But here are just a few things that you probably did not see, when seeing the images of these beautiful women at the Emmys Red Carpet this year.

The grit, the determination, the hard work, and the struggle these women faced. Basically, all the unglamorous stuff that remains unseen, when describing a woman in entertainment.

Of course, Claire Foy, 34, looked beautiful in that white dress at the Emmy red carpet. But what the pictures of her red carpet look DO NOT show, is the amount of hard work that the ‘famously hardworking’ Foy put in, to be able to hold the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama series for The Crown.

In fact, she started filming the first season of the show, just four months after giving birth to her daughter.

Without someone as technically brilliant and as hardworking as Claire at its centre, a show like The Crown would have completely disintegrated.
Peter Morgan, British Film Writer, And the Writer for The Crown

Well, brilliance shines even when it is just a few months after pregnancy!

Rachel Brosnan, 27, was battling an extremely bad flu, and should probably not have flown to LA in that condition. And yet, she did, and landed the lead role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Oh, and BTW, she has never acted in a comedy series before.

Landing an Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy series with no prior comedy experience? Now that’s funny!

In an interview to The Guardian, this talented woman said that she faced exploitation while auditioning for some roles, and also had to battle abuse in her love life.

... from the director who promised to frame above her bare breasts (“total fucking lie”) to the audition where she was asked to fondle herself with a camera between her legs, only to learn years later that the director played the film at private parties, on to the ex “who hit me round the face”, and finally to the the “serious sexual abuse” she suffered in one of her relationships.
The Guardian

But Newton emerged stronger after these experiences. That’s what a winner is all about.

Alex Borstein, who won the Emmy this year, was actually too heartbroken after her previous show ended, and even thought of quitting acting and moving to Europe forever.

“I was done. Getting On ended and my heart was broken, I’m not joking. It was like, ‘I’m not going to ever date again,’ is how I felt, like, I’m done. I was developing something afterwards for Fox that almost happened and then that fell through. I was just like, there’s nothing that’s going to happen that’s going to equal the experience of Getting On
Alex Borstein, to E!

But guess what?

She did get something that was, in some ways, even better than the experience of Getting On. Something that got her an Emmy!

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