Is India’s Urban Youth Ready to Vote or Do They Simply Not Care?

Is India’s Urban Youth Ready to Vote or Do They Simply Not Care?


Cameraperson: Sanjoy Deb
Video Editor: Ashish Maccune

The first phase of the 2019 general elections begins on 11 April and over the past few months, political parties have gone all out campaigning, raising slogans, galvanising the masses. According to reports, 15 million new voters have been registered this election season. But do they care about politics? Are they well-informed about party policies? Are they ready to vote?

Political parties have been urging the youth to come out and exercise their right to vote. Priyanka Gandhi has said that the Congress’ manifesto was drafted for the young.

“I think it is a fantastic manifesto. Everybody should read it, especially first-time voters and young people because this election must be about real issues that matter to people.”
Priyanka Gandhi, General Secretary AICC for UP (East)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also urged first-time voters to turn out in huge numbers.

“Best wishes to the Election Commission, all those officials and security personnel who will be on the field, across the length and breadth of India assuring smooth elections. India is very proud of the EC for assiduously organising elections for several years,” Modi tweeted.

The present government has been criticised for the country’s unemployment rate which is at its highest in 45 years. Some argue that the youth will be the most affected by this election since they are the ones who’ll need jobs in the coming years.

The Quint spoke to young Indians in Mumbai about the coming elections. We asked them how they choose a candidate to vote for, if they know who is contesting from their area and whether they cast their vote based on the candidates from their constituency or the party. Watch our video to find out what they had to say.

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