The Story of the Mysterious and Recurring ‘Churan Lable’ Notes 

Quint NEON explores the mysterious ‘Churan Lable’ notes in India.

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The ‘Churan Lable’ Notes

Ever since the jolt of demonetisation, several ATMs across the country have been flooded with duplicate currency notes (I know, right?), the most notorious of which are these ‘Churan Lable’ notes published by a certain ‘Children Bank of India’.

Several instances of these notes being dispensed by ATMs at various locations (Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, Kerala and more) have been reported.

Looking almost identical (okay, not quite) to the currency notes issued by the RBI, these sneaky little things have made their way into the unsuspecting pockets and wallets of numerous innocent people.

Cleverly disguised as real, these notes only seem to impersonate the post-demonetisation denominations of 500 and 2000 INR.

If you have been personally victimised by these dubious notes, here are the answers you are looking for:

Where Did These Notes Come From?

As it says on the notes, these guileful things seemed to have been published by ‘Children Bank of India’, and a certain ‘PK’ seems to be their Governor/Publishing Body.

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In February 2017, the Hindustan Times reported that you could buy these notes from a toy shop in Punjab for as little as 1 INR. This is possibly the place from where the ‘Churan Lable’ notes made their way into ATMs and subsequently (and unfortunately) into our lives.

Is There Anywhere That’s Safe From Their Wrath?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but several reports from all corners have of the country have suggested that we are not safe anywhere.

Having spread like wildfire, these treacherous notes have made their way into India’s ATM circles everywhere from Surat to Kanpur to Kolkata and most recently, Bareilly.

All of us rn.
All of us rn.
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Is There a Way Out?

Several banks have denied to exchange these notes, despite the fact that they were dispensed from the banks’ own ATM vestibules. These notes have quite literally plagued our financial system, and don’t seem to want to budge.

Us forever.
Us forever.
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Stay tuned for more updates, until then, we urge you to be extra cautious while withdrawing currency from an ATM – you never know when they’ll strike next and your bank sure isn’t going to help you!

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